Teva Mountain Games

The Haro MTB team just got back from a great weekend at the Teva Mountain Games! This event is one of the most fun and also relaxed events of the year. It is in the middle of a huge festival in Vail, Colorado with thousands of spectators. There's rock climbing, kayaking, fly fishing, Trail Running, XC MTB, dog jumping, basically everything. The slopestyle course is always really fun and not scary big, just chill. Kyle Ebbett is the course designer and does a great job.

In qualifying we all rode great, but the field was super tight and only 12 out of 45 riders made it to the finals, I just missed them myself, but Brian Miller and Greg Watts made it in no problem with killer runs. Miller threw down a sweet run, a little on the conservative side because he is nursing a badly rolled ankle, but still good enough for 7th!!! Greg's first run was a safety run to get something in the bag, which he nailed. His second run was perfect, including flip whips, 3 whips, 360 drops, tailwhips, until he landed his flip whip on the last jump and his tire blew out sending him to the ground, ending what would have been a top 3 run. He was pretty bummed, but what can you do.

Anyway it was a lot of fun, and you can check out the contest on NBC later this summer when it airs. In the mean time here's some photos and a video from VitalMTB.


Eric Porter is just dog-gone fast....

The sun is out and the snow has melted...so what better thing to do than grab your best four-legged friend and hit the trail! Eric Porter and his dog Sierra shred the local trails near his house in Utah. Check it out!

Eric Porter is dog gone fast! from Haro Bikes MTB on Vimeo.