Vital MTB is coming August 1!

After you are done riding this Saturday and you settle in for your Interweb browsing follies, be sure to check out VitalMTB.com.

Vital MTB will cover all segments of the sport, with an emphasis on the fast-growing gravity and MTB jump/park disciplines. Like the wildly successful Vital BMX and Vital MX sites, Vital MTB will be a blend of professionally-generated content, user-generated content, product information, social network and more.

“Our sport is missing a truly comprehensive site that delivers great original content and also brings riders together in community,” said Shawn Spomer, Vital MTB’s Content Director. “Vital MTB will fill this void. Our mission is to be the point of connection within the mountain bike scene. Riders can connect with other riders, follow the news, seek advice, watch videos, upload content, research products, and more.”

Haro is proud to be an advertising partner with Vital MTB. This site is going to rock!


Haro demo at Crankworx CO!

For all of you who are going to be attending Crankworx CO this weekend, we'll be there with our rig full of demo bikes. We'll also be presenting a little sneak peek preview of a few of our new 2010 bikes, so come on by and check them out!

Haro athletes Eric Porter, Phil Sundbaum, and Brian Miller will also be there...be sure to cheer them on in the slopestyle events!

Eric Porter is on Twitter, so if you want to follow the action from an athlete's perspective, his Twitter username is PorterMTB.


MBA Shoot

Just finished up a shoot with Mountain Bike Action this weekend for an article on the riding around Park City. I was the local pro to show them some freeride and dirt jump spots, Doug Dalton handled the XC stuff. I also went along on an xc shoot on my new sonix, I do ride a decent amount of xc, suprising to some people!! Anyway the weather was perfect and we got a ton of great shots, it was super fun. Always fun shooting with John Ker as well!!! Oh yeah and when we were shooting the road gap (which I put in a picture of my X7 and the take off) we found out that there was a huge yellowjacket nest under the start of the bridge, we got super locky and didn't get stung, but we had to let them settle down between each run!! After we were done shooting everything, Carol from the Mountain Trails Foundation was nice enough to treat all of us to dinner at Shabu, one of the best restaurants in Park City, as a thankyou for our hard work. Thanks to Jimmy Mac as well for getting this in the mag!


Claymore Challenge

Just got back from the Claymore Challenge slopestyle at Highland Bike park, in NH. That place is so much fun. They have one of the most fun slopestyle courses to start, and then they also have tons of really fun dh trails ranging from rooty and rocky to smooth and fast with berms and jumps. On top of that they have a huge dirt jump park and pumptrack. Anyway the contest was a lot of fun, and tons of good riding went down. In my qualifying run I flipped the step down at the beginning of the course, opposite 270'd the big hip, tailwhipped the next jump, did a big downside footplant on the wallride, and then flipped the freebird jump at the bottom of the course. Unfortunately I missed qualifying by 1 spot, but I was still pumped on how I rode. Don't have too many photos from here cause I dropped my camera in the river while fly fishing last week, but here's some iphone photos!



Park City Dirt Jump Camps

The past few days I've been helping out with coaching at the Park City dirt jump camps at the city jump park. It's been super fun helping to get kids into dirt jumping at such a young age, and watching them progress so fast! It's also pretty cool that this is a city parks program, the dirt jump park, the camps, everything, all run by Park City. You don't see that in too many places! Here's a couple photos of Alec, one of our campers this session, he's riding a Haro 16" bike, he loves it, and obviously knows how to ride it too!


Brian Miller's awesome video edit!

Haro flow rider Brian Miller just posted some cool video up on PinkBike.com and it made their Video of the Day on the homepage.

Check it out! He's workin' that Thread 8...


Go Team North America!

Porter is over in Norway right now (read his updates below) and here is a video clip from the DH race that his team won during ANTI Days Of Thunder:

Days of Thunder 2009-VideoBlog Day#2 from LowFiBicycleClub on Vimeo.



Well Norway is sick! Hafjell Bike park is really fun, we are staying in a slopeside cabin and riding downhill, dirt jumping, and hitting huge snowboard style mtb jumps every day, it's awesome. They have tons of machine built trails here with huge berms and jumps all over the place, as well as good old singletrack as well. So the event I'm here for is the Days of Thunder, it's a team style event based around georgraphic teams. I'm on team North America which is me, Thomas Vanderham, Jordie Lunn, and Kelly McGarry (who is a kiwi, but spends a lot of time in Canada!). Yesterday we had the first event which was the relay dh race, where each team member races 1 of the 4 sections of the dh track. Our team ended up have good runs and winning the event, beating even the Norwegian team on their home track! We we're pretty pumped about this, it was a good time. After the race we went up to the huge jumps and started trying them out. These things are massive, the smallest jump up there is a 10 meter double, which is about 33 feet. The biggest jump is 16 meters, which is a little over 50 feet. Good fun! Well we're heading up to ride now, I'll keep you up to date on the blog here!


Wilson Invents New Tricks

Wilson has taken dirt jumping to a whole new level. By adding a bell to his handlebar, he has invented literally hundreds of new trick combinations...like X-up to bell-ringer, tuck no-hander bell-ringer, and the list goes on and on. Here is a video to demonstrate:

Wilson - Bell Ringer from Aaron Lutze on Vimeo.