Phil Sundbaum: Stranded in Europe!

Phil Sundbaum flew across the pond to compete in the Rocket Air event in Switzerland and now he can't get home due to the volcano in Iceland. There are FAR worse places to be stranded in than Switzerland!

Phil checked in and sent us some pictures this morning....

"My trip has not gone to plan, but we are making the best out of it. I flew over to Switzerland for the Rocket Air event in the town of Thun. It was a fun comp for sure and had a couple good size drops and big jumps.

We have been a bit of a story in Thun. Since this was a first-time event here and it was a bit of a success, it turned into a big story about us all being stuck here. It's funny cause lots of locals recognize us now. Here is a shot of the news article that you can't read since it's in German.

My flight was to depart on Monday, but somewhere in Iceland a volcano blew up and left me stranded. I am still sitting in Europe now waiting for a flight and I hear that they just started flying today, so hopefully I get home by the weekend.

Even though we didn't plan for this we are still making the best of it. I am trapped with Mike Montgomery, the Samson brothers, and Blake and Raymond from the UK. We have pretty much been touring around Switzerland with our friend we just met at the event and staying at his place for the most part. Here are a few pics of my view where I "live" now and a couple of the course we got to ride".


2010 Sea Otter Photo Gallery

This year's Sea Otter Classic goes down in history as having the best weather ever! Sunny skies and warm temps made for some good riding and a great event.

Mike Steidley rode his butt off by putting on 2 to 3 shows per day for huge crowds!

Greg Watts, Eric Porter, and Haro BMX Brand Manager Allan Cooke competed in the Dual Stunt competition. All three made the finals and put on a good show for the crowd on Sunday.

Here are some pictures from the events. Enjoy!


No money, no problem...get a Steel Reserve 1.1!

Check out the cool little vid VitalMTB put together about our Steel Reserve 1.1...plus there's some awesome footage of Brian Miller shredding some jumps in Aptos!

No Money, No Problem. Haro Steel Reserve 1.1 - More Mountain Bike Videos


Join us at Sea Otter!

Going to Sea Otter this year? Be sure to stop by the Haro booth located right across from the Kenda booth on Sponsor Row! We’ll have a full fleet of demo bikes, some of our 2010 bikes on display, as well as a sneak peek of some of our 2011 bikes.

Haro pro slopestyle riders riders Greg Watts, Phil Sundbaum, Eric Porter, and Brian Miller will all be there to compete in the Sea Otter Dual Stunt competition. Dual Stunt is a unique competition that combines the speed and excitement of dual slalom racing with the thrill and skill of slopestyle and trials riding. Course inspection and practice is on Friday from 8am to 11am with qualifying starting immediately afterwards. Sunday starts with another round of practice from 8am to 11am with the finals beginning at 11am. Come out and make some noise for Team Haro!

Haro/Kenda trials pro Mike Steidley will be making the long trip out from the East Coast to put on his famous trials shows for everyone at Sea Otter. Come by the Haro booth to see why Mike Steidley has earned eight U.S. National Championships titles…his stunts defy gravity! Mike’s show schedule goes as follows:

Thursday, April 15th: 12 noon and 2pm
Friday, April 16th: 11:30am and 2pm
Saturday, April 17th: 11:30am, 2pm, and 4pm
Sunday, April 18th: 11:30am and 2pm

See ya there!