Haro and Norco bikes stolen from Norco storage facility

Our good friends and Haro distributors up at Norco in Canada just had a bunch of high-end Norco bikes and Haro BMX bikes stolen over the weekend from their storage facility. Be on the lookout!

Here's more information we grabbed from their website:

This past weekend Norco had their off-site storage facility broken into. The thieves in question went straight for the goods, stealing a selection of high-end Norco Downhill, Freeride and Haro BMX bicycles.

If there is one thing, for better or worse, that will get a group of cyclists riled up, it is bike theft. It is something that affects us all, but when our communities unite it is something that we can put a stop to.

We are putting the call out to all riders in the Vancouver BC area to help us keep an eye out for the Norco and Haro bicycles below. Whether it is online, on the trail, from the back of a van or elsewhere we are asking that you please contact your local Police immediately if you come across anyone trying to sell these bicycles, frames or parts kits from them.

The bikes that were stolen are:

• 10 x 2011 Norco Team Dh

• 2 x 2011 Norco 250

• 1 x 2011 Norco Shore 2.0

• 2 x 2011 Haro 400.2 BMX

• 2 x 2011 Haro 400.3 BMX

These bikes should be easy to spot!! Of the bikes stolen, the 2011 Norco Team Dh’s had just arrived at Norco and only one dealer and a couple of Norco staff have possession of these bicycles in Western Canada. This makes the Dh’s unique and easy to spot as they have custom decals and a full Saint group, so if you notice anyone posting either complete bikes or parts for sale or riding the new bikes that are not associated with Norco again please let the Police know ASAP.

The West Coast riding scene is made up of some of the most dedicated cyclists around and we appreciate your help in trying to stop the low down scum and scourge of the cycling scene – bicycle thieves. With your help we are hoping to nail these thieves and we thank you for helping us stop the “fun-wreckers.”


Mike Steidley wins 2010 US National Trials Championships

Haro Trials, Freerider, and Stunt Rider Mike Steidley is the overall winner of the 2010 North American Trials Series, crowning him the number one trials rider in North America, bringing the count to nine career titles.

Steidley took home the gold medal in his most recent round of competition in Arkansas at Devil's Den State Park and locked in the overall series Championship Title. The 2010 North American Trials Series (NATS) events also took place in Colorado, New York, Tennessee, Minnesota, British Columbia, Seattle, West Virginia, Missouri, and Toronto.

This is the ninth National title for in his career since he had his first professional win at Mount Snow back in 1998 where he won the 1998 NORBA Junior National Champion title. Since moving to the pro class, Steidley has obtained 16 regional championships and holds NORBA National Championship titles in both 2007 and 2008. Steidley also holds the 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2009 North American Trials Championship titles.

Congrats Mike!

Eric Porter's Big Alaskan Adventure

Eric Porter heads way, way, way up north to Alaska to do some riding with his Gravity teammates Chris Van Dine and Kelly McGarry. Wish this video was an hour longer...great riding and beautiful terrain. Good stuff!

Eric Porter - Alaska 2010 from DH Productions LLC on Vimeo.


Wanna ride with Porter?

Eric Porter is road tripping up in the Idaho/Wyoming area..and he wants to ride with YOU!

Tomorrow (10/15) Porter will be at the Habitat in Driggs, ID at about 1pm. From there, he'll be heading out to one of the local dirt jump spots and then shuttling Teton Pass in the afternoon. www.ridehabitat.com

On Saturday (10/16), he'll head over to Fitzgerald's Bike Shop in Jackson, WY at about 11am. From there he'll be riding Teton Pass all afternoon. www.fitzgeraldsbicycles.com

Phil Sundbaum is BACK!

Phil busted his foot way back in April...needless to say, he's been jonesin' to get back on the bike. He's finally getting all healed up so here's a little video of him shredding some of his local ride spots.

Phil will be competing at AT's Showdown at the San Francisco Bike Expo on November 6th. If you're up in NorCal, check it out!

Thanks to Tony Archibeque for putting together this clip for us!


Greg Watts talks about the Red Bull Rampage

Videographer Justin Olsen caught up with Greg Watts at the Red Bull Rampage to get his take on his first experience competing there, what went into choosing his line, and what bike he was on.

"I crashed in my first run, so I took my second run as a safety run and just got down to the bottom", said Watts. "I wanted to get some points for the FMB world tour...I ended up 7th in that".

Next stop for Watts will be at AT's Jam up at the San Francisco Bike Expo on November 6th at Cow Palace.


Eric Porter photo gallery on MBAction.com

Recent MTB Hall of Fame inductee, John Ker, got some great photos of Eric Porter at the Park City Dirt Jump Park aboard his Steel Reserve 1.3. None of these photos have ever been published in the magazine and they are great...check them our by clicking here!