2010 Bike Sneak Peek!

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Steel Reserve 8 bike check on PinkBike.com

The fine folks at PinkBike.com just posted an awesome bike check of the Steel Reserve 8 dirt jump/park bike.

Check it out here!


Decline Magazine

Hey everyone, check out the new issue of Decline Magazine (just came in my mailbox) for the article I wrote about the Ranchstyle contest in Grand Junction, CO from a month or so ago. I don't do much writing for magazines, so let me know what you think. I might end up doing a little more writing in the future, it's cool cause it's kinda challenging and is something I don't do much since I've been out of school for so long. I also got a rad shot from the slalom race in there!!



Wilson: Part Two

Check out the second half of the Wilson Woodward video here.


Wilson's Trick List

We were at Woodward this winter practicing up for the season, and we took our buddy Wilson with us. He rides with Phil all the time in Seattle, but had never been to Woodward West. Long story short, he ended up selling everything (including his bike) to get money for the trip, and borrowed Phil's back-up Steel Reserve for the trip. Phil decided to offer him a challenge, and if he won, he could keep the back-up bike. Entertainment ensues..


Teva Wrap up

Well things didn't work out as well as we had all hoped, but we did have a good time at least!  On the upside I shot some good helmet cam clips that are going to be used for the TV show about the contest with my VIO helmet cam, I will also post them on here in a few days when the TV production company sends me back my memory card!  I felt like I could have done pretty well in the contest, but had wind problems during qualifying and missed my pedals on a tailwhip.  I was 360ing a ood drop, backflipping another drop, tailwhipping the quarter to dirt, it was a lot of fun!  Phil and Brian were riding really good as well, Phil made it into the finals with spins and whips and superman seatgrabs, among other things.  His finals runs were good too, but I think he may have been just a hair too conservative to make it on the podium, I think he was close though.  

The drive home was beautiful, we got a great sunset driving through the desert of southern Utah.  I think thats the only photos I have for this update actually, I was too busy riding to get slopestyle photos!!  Stay tuned for the video clips though.



Teva Mounain Games

Phil, Brian and I are in Vail Colorado for the Teva Mtn. games, been having a great time!  The weather has been nice, the courses are fun, and it's good times riding with each other.  Today was the dual stunt race, I qualified 10th place out of 30, went up against Cam Zink first round, I beat him the first race, but when we switched lanes he won by just enough to move on.  

After that was over we went over to the slopestyle couse to practice, got a nice evening session and rode pretty good.  It's a pretty cool course, nothing is too gnarly, so it's fun to ride.  Qualifying and finals are tomorrow, so hopefully we all ride good!  I'll try and get an update after things are over... but no promises till monday because as soon as things wrap up here we're driving right back to Utah!


B.Mills jumps off a bridge

Just a quick clip that we shot at FISE...Brian Miller jumps off a bridge at Phil's request:

Brian Miller Jumps Off A Bridge from Aaron Lutze on Vimeo.