Blurry Photos @ Windells

We made a quick trip to Windells tonight to check out Ben Boyko's progress. Boyko is building a bunch of new stuff at Windells for his part in the upcoming Rockstar video. Phil is going to be a camp counselor at the Northwest School Of Freeride this summer, which is the mountain bike version of Windell's snowboard camp. Everyone is building up a storm on the 80 acres of land...some for upcoming video parts, others for '09 training. Once the camp opens up, all of the stuff we're building is going to be rideable for the campers.

We snapped a few pictures tonight, but the light in there was pretty weak, so the pics came out kind of blurry. We'll make up for it this weekend at the jam session, which anyone can attend and shred with their favorite pros from the northwest.

The land around Windells is absolutely mint for trail riding, but they also have a bunch of great concrete obstacles around the camp...as well as a great indoor spot (complete with a trampoline). They are building a new website, which should be live soon. Stay tuned for more updates on the NWSOF!

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