Snickers Urbania Dirt Jump Jam (Part Two)

We are back from our Puerto Rican vaca-*cough*cough* WORK TRIP, where the Snickers Urbania festival went down. Phil was one of the few invited riders to attend the event, and he whipped and flipped his Haro Steel Reserve 1 to the delight of thousands of spectators at the event. It was really well attended by all of the San Juan locals, and the riding level was really high. The riders put on three or four jam sessions, and even though it poured rain a little bit between the demos, we managed to keep the dirt jumps running all day.

Here are a few pics from the week in Puerto Rico, along with the second half of the video footage that we shot while we were down there.

A view of the crowd from the top of the roll-in:

Phil flipping his Steel Reserve 1:

Phil tailwhipping at some local dirt jumps:

Here's the video footage from the event:

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nice nice...... ratatat remix goin on there too...