Vegas Trip

So my wife Megan had to go to Vegas this week for a Spa tradeshow, I figured why not tag along and do some desert riding!  Unfortunately I only had room for one bike, and I wanted to hit a couple of the skateparks down there, so the Steel Reserve was the only option.  Long story short, I got bored riding the skateparks, headed out to bootleg canyon, and rode dh shuttles with Metal Mike on my steel reserve, complete with a Fox 36 float with 80mm travel and Kenda k-rads with 70psi.  It was a little sketchy to say the least, you know what I'm talking about if you've ridden there before.  I made it out alive though, and actually went pretty fast!  I was actually a lot of fun, and will probably make me smoother on the X7!  It brought me back to the days of before I had a DH bike and I use to race downhill on a hardtail.

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