"Lightning Bolts" BMX Art Show

Hey, we aren't shy about our roots to BMX...in fact, we're downright proud of our BMX hertitage since it's what has made our MTB's what they are today.

Lightning Bolts Art Show presented by Nike 6.0 is a BMX-inspired exhibit created around the historic introduction of BMX as an Olympic sport. Nike teamed up with BMX Hall of Famer, Bob Haro, recreating his iconic number plate as a blank canvas. A select group of contemporary artists, each sharing a cultural connection to BMX, were invited to partake. Unique works from artists such as Nick Philip, Andy Jenkins, Rich Hansen, and Michael Lau debuted in Beijing, China on May 13th and have since shown in Portland, OR, and Tokyo. The final exhibit will show at the Montalban Theatre in Los Angeles, CA from Dec. 10th- Dec. 14th.

For this final exhibition, all the numberplate artwork will be auctioned off to benefit the Athlete Recovery Fund, a fund established to aid injured action sports athletes. Haro's creative director, Pete Demos, was among the BMX industry artists invited to create a numberplate for the exhibition and auction.

Pete Demos' Plate

If you'd like to attend the exhibition, see pictures of the other numberplates, or even participate in the online auction for the plates, click here.

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