Southern Roadtrip

So I just got back from a great trip with Chris and Morgan from Bike mag down to the Southern US.  I met up with them in Atlanta, and we continued on up through South Carolina, Tennessee, and ended up in Louisville Kentucky riding my favorite home trails.  I'm not going to go too in depth about the trip because you'll be reading about it next year in Bike, but I'll give you a few highlights.  First of all, there are tons of amazing trails down south.  Every day we were riding some of the funnest trails I've ever ridden, proof that you don't need lots of elevation to have fun.  I was especially surprised about Windrock TN, that place has legit downhill trails, the real deal, I was a little undergunned on my Xeon, but as you can tell in the quick videoclip I made do!  That was actually like a 20 foot out by 5 foot down gully gap, pretty fun!  The trail had fun stuff like that from top to bottom, and a huge crew of riders shuttling and digging every weekend.  We even ran into a father and son from Chicago that would make the 8 hour drive down there every couple weeks!!  Oh yeah, we also found out that they sell roman candles and m-100s and the sort in gas stations in TN!!  Another highlight of the trip was introducing Chris and Morgan to Ft. Duffield, my favorite place to ride growing up.  They also got to meet the man responsible for that place, Bruce Montana, the living legend.  You'll hear more about him in the article.  The coolest part about the whole trip really was the fact that almost every day, we were riding amazing singletrack, and our guide was the person who actually built the trail, thats pretty cool.

This photo is from a restaurant called the right wing, it was amazing we actually got to meet McCain and Palin there while they were campaigning!

Rainy day, cold, wet, but fun ride.

Louisville skatepark, its amazing, must visit when in town!

As you can see we were pretty packed full.
Gully gap on the xeon, that bike is tough!

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