Thursday News Feed

I've got a few little newsworthy Haro tidbits to share with you so rather than do three separate posts, I figured I'd just combine them all into one.

  • "Pimp my Ride": our friends at Snafu BMX have one of our Steel Reserves they are using as a form, fit, and function test bike for their line of urban/DJ MTB parts. They installed new Snafu bars, cranks, pedals, saddle, seatpost, and grips. Dang, she sure looks purdy. Check out the whole story here. The Snafu MTB line is looking damn good. I have a set of the 4130 bars...they are so light I had no idea they were crmo until I read the label etched into the bar. Good stuff.

  • We got a nice e-mail from a a Haro fan who attached some pics of his 1993 Escape in pristine condition.

I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for Haro
MTB’s!! I
absolutely love my 1993 Escape and have kept it in
original condition after
all these years. Please you will find a pic of my
bike attached and feel
free to share with the rest of the world my

Keep on

Sam Ballard

I love seeing pictures of our older bikes that have been so well taken care of like this one has. Thanks for sharing, Sam!

So there you have the Thursday newsfeed. Happy trails, ya'll.


blogmaster said...

Did those containers just blow off the boat, or did someone in a Trek jersey give them a push? That's some crazy shit!

jill hamilton said...

Ha ha ha...that's pretty funny. I can just envision John Burke with a devilish grin on his face as he pushes the container overboard...

But beleive it or not, having containers wind up in the drink isn't all that uncommon during story weather and high swells. Fortunately, it's just never happened to us until now.