What's an off-season?

Most riders are roasting chestnuts next to an open fire at this time of the year, but Phil and I are getting back on another airplane. This time, we're headed to Munich, Germany. We are going over for a press tour with Adidas, one of our new sponsors for 2009. We are really fired up for this trip, as they have a bunch of really fun stuff lined up for us.

We made it safely to Munich, Germany today, where we met up with Mike and Sonja from Adidas. There was snow on the ground when we landed here in Germany, so it's a good thing that we brought our studded Kenda tires with us!

We got a new GoPro camera before we left for Europe, so we tested it out on the flight over. I just threw a few clips together from our flight...check it out! This is pretty much a "day in the life" of any pro rider these days. We have something really cool up our sleeves with the GoPro camera this weekend, so stay tuned!

GoPro Travel Video to Munich from Aaron Lutze on Vimeo.

Oh, and here is a little hint as to what we're going to be using the GoPro cameras for over the weekend. This ought to be good...

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jill hamilton said...

Dang Phil...you look fast just standing still in that suit! Does it come with a cape?