Summer Of Shred Cali Roadtrip

As seen in the previous news post, Blake Robinson has joined our Cali roadtrip for Summer Of Shred. We began in Seattle and deathmarched it through the night to Andrew Taylor's house in Santa Rosa, CA. We left Seattle at 11am and got to Santa Rosa at 4:30am. It was a rough one, but we were glad to get it out of the way. Unfortunately, the next few days/nights didn't offer up much rest, as we were constantly pinning it between ride spots, and unfortunately--the hospital. Ben Boyko was on our trip and managed to tweak his knee a little bit. We had to put him on a plane home after only two days of riding, which was a bummer.

We brought our buddy Wilson with us on the trip for comic relief. At the moment he has pink and purple hair from Andy Sundbaum's 25th birthday party (which was pink and purple themed), and he had to do some decidedly odd jobs to get extra money to go on this roadtrip. He has kept us in stitches the whole trip, but in addition to that, he absolutely shreds. Here's a couple pics of him:

After a few days shredding NorCal (thank you Randy Spangler), we started making our way down to Woodward West. Eric Porter was here to meet us, so now the whole Haro crew is together. We've been here for a few days just chilling out, catching up on sleep, and pushing each other as hard as possible during each session. Phil is a trick machine this week, our favorite activity is to sit on top of the roll-in and call out tricks for him to do on the resi. I've lost count of how many new tricks he's learned, so I guess that's the sign of a good session. We've got about two more days here before we head down to San Diego to hang out at the Haro office!

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