Africa With Phil

As I type this, Phil is somewhere between Dakar and Washington DC on his way home from an extremely successful trip through South Africa and Botswana with the Adidas crew. We can't post up the banger photos yet, but I can assure you that there are MANY of them. Stay tuned for videos from both Botswana and Capetown, SA...in the meantime, here are a couple safari pics to whet your appetite:

This little guy made his way into Phil's tent one night! Phil is deathly afraid of spiders, thankfully his tentmate AT was not!

Right after this pic was taken, we crossed into Botswana via cable car (over a sketchy river infested with crocodiles!):

We should have the video stuff online by the end of the week, stay tuned for that...and much more from this trip! Next week we're headed to New Zealand for a few dirt jump contests, some big mountain and dirt jump shredding, and my birthday party (which is going to include some bungee and jet boat action!).

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Anonymous said...

that spider...... is something to be scared of... looks crazy