San Antonio TX to Pensacola FL via Haro...for a job!

Would you ride your bike from San Antonio, Texas to Pensacola, Florida for a job? We know a guy who made the 700-mile journey to do just that aboard his Haro Del Sol comfort bike.

Michael, a bike department manager at the Sun and Ski Sports store in San Antonio, told me about a homeless man who saved and saved so he could buy a Haro Del Sol comfort bike to ride from Texas to Florida to take a job.

A local church sent 51-year old John "Waldo" Pyle on his way with a pre-paid debit card and cell phone with a camera so he could document his journey across the South. He blogged about his trip on the church's website on several occasions, mentioning the kindess of people he met along the way who helped him with food, money, shelter, and companionship. One day he rode 73 miles aboard his Haro! That's a long time to be in the saddle of any bike, so that's a true testament to just how comfortable our comfort bikes are!

Waldo achieved his goal...he rode into Pensacola, FL on January 18th where he is working as a cook and studying to become a case manager.

(Note: If anyone is searching for the Del Sol bikes like Waldo rode on our website, they have been replaced with our Heartland series. Basically the same bike as the Del Sol comfort bikes, but made with significant improvements!)

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