Seven Springs

Back in August of last year I went on a super fun trip to Seven Springs, PA to shoot a magazine article which will be out next month in Decline, along with video with Don Hampton and some promo videos for the resort. It was a super fun trip, we saw Ted Nugent play live, we played paintball in utv's, we rode alpine slides, shot shotguns, oh yeah and we rode bikes a bunch too! Anyway here's some photos from that trip along with a video that just got put up from the trip. If you're wondering why I don't have any tricks in the video it's cause I dislocated my middle finger (picture of swelling below) on the first day and basically couldn't jump much after that. I still shredded trail all weekend though, and you can pick me out in most of the shots with the white bike and bright colored jerseys (orange, blue, green, etc.). Enjoy!!

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