Back to Queenstown

After the NZ Open event in Auckland, we spent a few days checking out some other local spots and stoking out all of the local kids! They were super cool and we had a great time chilling and riding with them (and plastering their bikes with Haro stickers). Unfortunately, the dark side of Auckland crept out and our buddy Karl's bike was stolen (we got it back...which was an absolute fiasco and a really long story--but he got his bike back and that's the happy ending). The next morning, our buddy AT woke up missing a wallet, so we figured it was time to get the heck out of Dodge and head down to Queenstown.

Stoking out the locals!

Airport life..

We bumped our flights up, spent a morning in the Auckland airport, and arrived at our new home for the next two weeks: Red Bull Base Camp. Base Camp is a nice house nestled in the bluffs above Queenstown, with the sickest view of all time. It's got plenty of room for us to chill out, play on the internet, and most important, sip on some tasty Red Bulls!

Phil and Blake in the Red Bull living room
Not a bad view, eh?

The rest of the week will be split between sessions at Gorge Road and Dreamtrack...it's kind of rainy today, so we're just relaxing a bit at the house. Even with the rain, it's still a pretty solid view!
Phil was on page 3 of the New Zealand Herald, which is the biggest newspaper in NZ.

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