So I'm up in Alaska now for a quick family visit, and it just happens to be the same time as the World Beard and Mustache competition.  I think we actually met the guy that's on the poster!!  He's from Germany, obviously!  Actually when I started seeing all the contestants with their weird facial hair I thought I was in Portland!. 
One of the cool things about being up here in the summer is how long it stays light out.  I took this sunset shot at 11:00pm last night from my wife's parent house, pretty cool!  It never really gets totally dark here in the summer, just like dusk all night long.  It's great for riding and outdoor activities, but it definitely throws of my sleep schedule a little bit, I keep wondering why I'm tired and ready for bed but the sun is still up!!  Anyway it's awesome up here, I'll let you know if anything else cool happens while I'm here!

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