Oregon MTB Photoshoot: Day Four

This is going to be a short post because I have zero wireless tonight in Bend so I am posting from my iPhone.

The rainy, miserable weather finally broke this morning and gave way to blue skies. However, just because the sun was out doesn't mean it was warm! It was still pretty chilly out.

We started out shooting along the Deschutes River Trail which was just gorgeous. We got some really great shots of the Mary, Beasley, Sonix, Flightline, Xeon, and Shift bikes here.

After we were done on the Deschutes River Trail, we moved over to a trail area known as the COD trails. This spot ended up yielding some surprisingly good photos in the spot we shot in. It was a downhill descent with a chicane turn on the side of a hill which overlooked a sea of pine trees. From what Pete showed me, these images turned out really good.

Then we headed to the famed Whoops Trail to get some video footage with our Go-Pro helmet cameras. Awesome trail! We got some great footage that we'll post soon.

That's all for now...iPhone battery is dying!

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