Oregon MTB Photoshoot, Day Two

After getting rained out yesterday, today we were finally blessed with some sunny weather. Since it did rain again overnight, we decided going back to try to shoot on the Scappoose Trail probably would not be worth it so we opted to go try to shoot some park/DJ stuff at some local spots as well as shoot the Metro bikes by the Waterfront.

Our first stop was the Pier Park skatepark which is a small park but has a really killer full pipe. The guys all rode for a little bit, but really weren't feeling it for photos or video.

We moved on to the Waterfront area to shoot the Metro bike we brought. Since the bike we brought was too small for any of our guys, we recruited our videographer Aaron Lutze to be our lovely model. We got some great shots. The Waterfront is really pretty...it has a bike path that tons of people were out riding, walking, and running on.

After we were done with the Metro shot, Haro BMX rider Ben Hucke took us over to the Grotto trails so we could get some dirt jump footage. When we arrived, it was clear it was jump maintenance and building day, so it wouldn't have been right to set up all the camera gear and ride while the locals were building. Shut down again! Nice jump area...it was clear the local riders put a ton of time in on the place.

We all decided it was time to get packed up and head over to Bend in hopes of getting better weather, so we loaded the trailer and headed out of Portland. We made it to Bend just in time to have a good dinner and some brews at the Cascade Lakes Brewing Company.

Tomorrow, weather permitting of course, the shoot continues.

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