Team Haro in Portland

20 hours of driving with the trailer in tow, creative director Pete and I finally made it up to Portland where we'll be shooting photos and video for our 2010 MTB catalog/line launch. The drive was fairly uneventful, which is usually a really good thing when you are on a road trip!

While the drive lacked in any sort of exciting events or crazy stories, the spectacular scenery was nothing short of amazing. We were both so amazed at how green everything is. It's a far cry from the brownish-greenish tones of the more arid region of Southern CA.

When we rolled up to our videographer and guide Aaron Lutze's house, there was a little pump track session happening on his backyard pump track. Pete and I both took a few turns on it, but Haro rider Blake Robinson made it look so easy. Here's a video clip of him getting some business done:

It's probably hard to see in this clip, but in the corner nearest me, he's leaning the bike so far over that his shoulder is almost touching the ground. Unreal!

Tomorrow we're off to the Scappoose Trail where we'll start our first full day of shooting. We'll also be visiting some local Portland area dealers.

More pics and video to come!

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