Well Norway is sick! Hafjell Bike park is really fun, we are staying in a slopeside cabin and riding downhill, dirt jumping, and hitting huge snowboard style mtb jumps every day, it's awesome. They have tons of machine built trails here with huge berms and jumps all over the place, as well as good old singletrack as well. So the event I'm here for is the Days of Thunder, it's a team style event based around georgraphic teams. I'm on team North America which is me, Thomas Vanderham, Jordie Lunn, and Kelly McGarry (who is a kiwi, but spends a lot of time in Canada!). Yesterday we had the first event which was the relay dh race, where each team member races 1 of the 4 sections of the dh track. Our team ended up have good runs and winning the event, beating even the Norwegian team on their home track! We we're pretty pumped about this, it was a good time. After the race we went up to the huge jumps and started trying them out. These things are massive, the smallest jump up there is a 10 meter double, which is about 33 feet. The biggest jump is 16 meters, which is a little over 50 feet. Good fun! Well we're heading up to ride now, I'll keep you up to date on the blog here!


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Karen said...

Loved the video clip - nice farmer tan takes you back to your Iowa roots! Enjoy Norway!
Auntie Karen