Vital MTB is coming August 1!

After you are done riding this Saturday and you settle in for your Interweb browsing follies, be sure to check out VitalMTB.com.

Vital MTB will cover all segments of the sport, with an emphasis on the fast-growing gravity and MTB jump/park disciplines. Like the wildly successful Vital BMX and Vital MX sites, Vital MTB will be a blend of professionally-generated content, user-generated content, product information, social network and more.

“Our sport is missing a truly comprehensive site that delivers great original content and also brings riders together in community,” said Shawn Spomer, Vital MTB’s Content Director. “Vital MTB will fill this void. Our mission is to be the point of connection within the mountain bike scene. Riders can connect with other riders, follow the news, seek advice, watch videos, upload content, research products, and more.”

Haro is proud to be an advertising partner with Vital MTB. This site is going to rock!

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