Porter slopestyle bikes are in stock now!

Our all-new Porter slopestyle-specific bikes are in stock now! Since these bikes will be built in VERY limited quantities, if you even remotely think you want one, you better have your shop order it for you now. Several bikes were presold before they even arrived, but there are still several available in our warehouses available to ship to your shop.

Haro pro slopestyle rider Eric Porter played a big role in the development of this bike. He directed several aspects of the creation of his signature bike from the overall frame geometry down to the "Smurfy Blue" frame paint.

Just about every part on this bike is the same exact part that Porter uses on his own personal bike he trains and competes on. Fox made a custom 36 Float RC2 fork just for Porter to use on his bike during the prototype testing phase that had the travel reduced to 100mm. We had Fox make up a batch of these forks for us to use on the production bikes to round out the final spec.

If you have ever dreamed about owning a pro-level bike, here's your chance. Don't let the opportunity ride away from you!

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