Brian Miller takes 3rd place at AT's Showdown!

The first annual AT's Showdown happened on the 21st at the San Fransisco Bike Expo! The event was a blast, and was stacked with the biggest names in the sport including the McCaul's, Watts, Goldman, Montgomery, Bass, Lawrenuk, Gullevich, Chubey, Lunn and many more.

Unfortunately, it seemed to rain at the worst times but thanks to the course builders Greg Watts and Andrew Taylor, the Showdown went down!

The course was composed of a large drop to three big jumps, the first being 35ft! The format of the contest was an hour jam qualifier with 16 riders going to the finals. With so many great riders it wasn't long till people started throwing down including Haro's newest rider Greg Watts, who was flipping and tricking the drop/jumps all morning! After the dust settled, I ended up qualifying 3rd and then placing 3rd in the finals. So stoked, my fist podium was in my home town!

Thanks again to AT and Watts for putting on SF's first MTB DJ event.

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