52 Weeks

Yes, there are 52 weeks in a year. "52 Weeks" is also the name of a blog on PinkBike.com where John Lee is keeping an online diary of his year-long training program that will prepare him to compete in the world's longest downhill race called Mega Avalanche. Held in Alpe D'Huez, France, this course is about 20 miles long with 8,500 feet of descent. This is considered one of the world's most demanding downhill races due to the overall course length, terrain, and sheer number of competitors. John will be competing in the Mega Avalanche on a Haro Xeon. Check out the video John made of he and his Xeon in action the first day he rode the bike:

Here's a little bit about John:

"After my back breaking crash 10 years ago, I decided to get myself back on
a bike and compete in the worlds longest Downhill race - The Mega Avalanche
2010. Since July 2009 I have been training my hardest to prepare for
the 33km DH race. I recently won the Hardtail Downhill Race at racers
Guild and finished 50th (out of 350 riders) in The Kona Mash
Up Technical Race in December. My 2010 race season will comprimise of
Downhill, BMX and 4X races.

I am married to my very patient and understanding wife - Julia - and we
live in Derbyshire with our son Elijah, who is 19mths old. To pay the bills
I work as the UK assistant editor at Pinkbike and I also a manage a newly
established youth project.

I love my Haro bikes and I currently ride and race a Haro
Xeon, Haro Steel Reserve 8 and a Haro X4 BMX. I am hopefully receiving
my Haro Porter and Haro X7 very soon for my 2010 race season".

Want to follow John on his journey to Mega Avalanche? Check it out on PinkBike.com by clicking here.

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