Ray's MTB Park "Odd Couple" Contest

Haro was well represented at the "Odd Couple" contest at Ray's MTB Park held on January 31st...Greg Watts, Phil Sundbaum, and Brian Miller all made the trip to this awesome indoor riding playground.

The Odd Couple contest works a little different from all the other contests out there...each MTB rider teams up with a BMX rider and they shoot a video. Then the video is put up to a "people's choice" where the crowd votes with their applause.

Watts teamed up with Haro's Steve Woodward, Sundbaum was paired up with Haro's Ronnie Napolitano, and Brian Miller chose to ride with Eastern's Adam Banton. After it was all said and done, Brian Miller's team was the top-placing Haro team with a fine 4th place finish. Sadly, Greg and Phil didn't make the wood, but they did make some pretty cool videos.

Check 'em out below!

Watts and Woodward:

Phil and Napolitano:

Miller and Banton:

4th Place Ray's Odd Couple 2010 - Brian Miller & Adam Banton from RaysMTB on Vimeo.

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