Jamie Goldman's yard

We just got home from the Upsidedown and Underground comp in Jamie Goldman's backyard in Bend, OR. The team killed it there riding nonstop all weekend, his yard is so much fun!! More than anything this event was about fun, there was a best trick jam, a pumptrack race, and a jump comp on the big line as well. In the best trick jam I was working on some 360 tailwhips, Brian Miller was doing 360 tuck no handers and some other good stuff, and I can't even remember what Watts was doing, he's wild! On the big line I crashed just before finals started while tailwhipping the biggest jump, and bruised the crap out of my tailbone! It was a fun 12 hour drive home.... Anyway Miller put together a good run with some good variety, and Watts brought back the heelclicker on the start drop, which is pretty damn gnarly! There's no riding shots of me, cause I was riding, but I did take a minute to shoot these photos of the Brian and Greg! We all had a good time, got some great photos for the Decline article and web, and rode lots, thanks Jamie!

Team Haro looking good, I mean reeeaal good.

Brian with a 360 xup during his run.

Brian and Greg on top of the roll in.

Greg doing a heelclicker on the stepdown, ridiculous.

Greg scoping the course.

Greg 360 off the last drop.

Brian dumping in a 3 on the second jump.

Milo learning how to dig, he wouldn't let go of the shovel, he loved it!

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