Brian Miller injured

We just leared that Haro pro slopestyle rider Brian Miller took a nasty spill during yesterday's Crankworx CO practice session. Witnesses said he pummelled into the ground head first. Sadly, he has sustained a broken neck and back...the good news is his spinal cord is OK. He will be released from the hospital later today.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more. In the meantime, please send Brian some healing vibes!



Hey bro, glad to hear you're doing as good as you are after such a crash. Hope you heal up quick man.

Lyndon said...

All best wishes to you and your loved ones! Heal up fast!
Salt Lake City
Wasatch and Moab!

Karenlynne said...

Dang sorry to hear this sad news on the Haro site. Your an awesome person take a couple days off to breath then work to heal and come back stronger. Spending some time on the side line watching will strengthen new goals, you will be hitting lines pushing the sport further when you get back into action.

Healing vibes to you brother make that goal bigger then before.

David Rodrigues