Saint Deep Summer Photo Contest

I just got done with the Deep Summer photo contest up here in Whistler, it was amazing! Basically 6 top level mtb photographers are invited, they can have 5 athletes each and have 3 days to shoot a 3-5 minute slide show. I was a rider with Steve Lloyd, the only non BC guy in the contest, and had never even been to Whistler before! So we got together a crew and worked our butts off for 3 days shooting, it was incredibly hard work, sun up to sun down in the rain, hiking back up over and over again trying to get the shot! While the rain and cold weather made it hard to work in, it did make for amazing shots with fog in the trees and misty mountain shots. We got a ton of amazing to work with, so when it came time to edit the slideshow it was hard to narrow down to the best of the best. In the end I think we came up with a great show, the crowd was really into it! While we didn't win the contest, we did get runner up for best single photo, although it didn't win because they thought that what I was doing was too dangerous... I guess that's just how I roll! I can't post the show here because the majority of the shots will be published in magazines, but you will get to see them that way at least! All in all we had an amazing time, and produced several months worth of photos within 3 days! Here is a photo from the awards and presentation, it was a sold out venue with over 1,100 people there!

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