Greg Watts stars in Haro commercial

Most bicycle companies don't generally advertise on network TV due to the high costs associated with the production of a commercial as well as the price of the TV spots themselves. We're no exception...too rich for our blood...but just in case a suitcase full of money shows up on our doorstep sometime soon, we have a commercial ready to roll!

Adrian Syben, a friend of Greg Watts, has a video production company called Umlaut Productions. He'd like to start producing commercials, so he decided to make Greg the subject of his first project.

"I had been wanting to do this commercial for a while," said Adrian. "After reading the Decline interview with Greg (whom I knew from growing up in the same area), I knew that he would be the perfect rider to bring a certain degree of professionalism to this video that I would not have been able to get from anyone else."

Adrian is a graduate of the UCSC Film and Digital Media program.

So check out Adrian's first commercial project we've dubbed "Greg Watts Daydreaming". If you see it on your local TV station, you'll know that suitcase of cash showed up...

Greg Watts Daydreaming from Haro Bikes MTB on Vimeo.

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