Greg Watts wins AT's Showdown!

Greg is finishing the season strong with a win this weekend at AT's showdown at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.

He did way too much stuff to write in this update, but on of the crazier things he did was ride half the course underhanded, ending with an underhanded flipwhip, which I'm pretty sure has never been done before and is absolutely insane. He took the win by just destroying the course and was pretty much untouchable. Greg says this was one of the sickest contests of the year, both for the level of riding and how good the course was. Oh and to finish things off he hopped on his 110 mini dirtbike and flipped the big trick jump on it, just to put the nail in the coffin!!

Unfortunately Phil had crank/bb troubles during qualifying and couldn't get his bike fixed in time to make it to the finals. His buddy David who is now riding a Haro was riding really strong, this was his first mtb contest ever and he represented well, flipping and whipping his way through the course with some big flairs at the last quarterpipe.

You can check out a bunch of pictures of Greg on this Pinkbike post.

Also this video has most of Greg's gnarly stuff in it, along with a great shot on the webpage of Greg backflip barspinning the huge stepdown!!

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