Mike Steidley to ride down a mountain of cash!

Have you ever wanted to ride your bike down a mountain made of cash? Haro trials rider Mike Steidley will get to do just that...sort of. Mike was chosen to star in a TV commercial where he will be "riding" down a mountain of money. The cash will actually be animated in, so unfortuantely Mike wasn't able to reach down and grab a wad of it as he was riding along. Here's what Mike had to say about his experience:

"Last week I had the chance to work with a large Boston based marketing company and get involved with a TV commercial shoot. The marketing firm is putting a variety of commercials for the CT Lottery. One of my contacts from the MTV project got me in touch with the group that was facilitating the project.

The campaign features 15 commercials and each one highlights a different New England celebrity. I was filming with in a giant green-screen room and the group is going to completely animate me into a giant ski mountain of cash in CG effects. I spent a week riding down a green ramp a few hundred times and they will pin the 20-foot sections into a downhill run with jumps, berms, skids, etc. as I navigate down the mountain. The best part was that since I got to “play” myself, I’m in my full kit and on my own bike, thus all my sponsor logos and full product placement will be seen throughout the commercial.

The commercial will air on a bunch of stations out here starting on November 22nd. I’ll get a full impression summary and most importantly a QuickTime video for you to see the finished project."

We'll post up the video as soon as we get it!

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