Haro beach cruisers at the SEMA Show

The SEMA Show is the largest aftermarket automotive product tradeshow in the world...and Haro was there! Held in Las Vegas, Nevada in early November, this monster of a trade show attracts over 120,000 people from all over the world.

We had 2 of our Railer sport cruisers in the bed of the Anarchy Eyewear Nissan Pre-Frontier. The Anarchy Pre-Frontier was built as a pre-runner style truck designed for handling all types of terrain from asphalt to dirt and snow to mud.

We had a Zimzala beach cruiser in the bed of the Navy Nissan Frontier. This truck was commissioned by a Naval officer who is taking part in the building of a new destroyer for the US Navy, USS Sterett DDG-104. This ship was commissioned on the East Coast and will travel to the West Coast in September. At that time, the Frontier will be placed on deck for photographic purposes.

Both vehicles appeared in Heatshield Products' booth at the SEMA show. These trucks will go on to be displayed at several different auto shows and lifestyle events over the next several months.

Many thanks to Michael Macare of Dragon Aftermarket Consulting from making this happen!

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