Snickers Urbania Dirt Jump Jam (Part One)

This image seems all to familiar this year...sleeping in a random airport, somewhere in the world. Hours of traveling and sleepless nights for only a moment of glory in front of thousands of people.

This particular trip is proving to be well worth it, though. We're in Puerto Rico for the Snickers Urbania demo/contest. We'll be joining Greg Watts, Tyler McCaul, Robbie Wright and Andrew Taylor for five days of dirt jumping in warm weather--a far cry from the cold, dark skateparks we've been riding in for the past few months.

We arrived to warm weather and sunny beaches, and took our time getting adjusted to the warm weather. We hooked up with one of our local buddies named Pedro, and he took us to a few riding spots, and I'm typing this update from a satellite truck at the event. I have a bunch of riding pics from our trip, but I'll save those for the next post, as the next demo starts shortly. Until then, here's an edit of the trip so far:

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vitorplopes said...

Tell me the name of this song, Please!