Dirtbike snowmobiling

So a couple days ago I was out snowmobiling with some friends, and we ran into the guys from Obsession Motoworx, a dirtbike shop in Utah, and they were having a demo of these dirtbike conversion kits that make it shredable on the snow. I wasn't sure going into it how much fun it would be, but I was pretty blown away by it. It's crazy how far you can lean the bike over on the snow, and it's so much smaller and lighter than a snowmobile. I only got a couple quick runs on the bike, one of which you see in the video here, but I got an invitation to do a full day out with these guys, so I'll give you full report after I do that!

Also, Happy New Years! Looking forward to a great year on the bike!

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jill hamilton said...

That's pretty cool! Looks like fun. We look forward to reading your ride report when you get a full day on one!