Haro Office Visit

Our big Cali roadtrip crescendo'd with a visit to the Haro office in San Diego yesterday. After riding Woodward West and training until we couldn't hold onto our handlebars any longer, we made our way south to meet up with everyone in the office.

This was the first visit to the office for me and Phil, so we had an opportunity to check out some crazy stuff, like the Captian America bike and a few other historic items!

We caught up with everyone and checked out some of the stuff that's in development, gave some input, and went over our plans for the next few months. It was a great day to be in the office, and really cool for us to see the "behind the scenes" of Haro. We also filmed the last bit of Wilson's segment for his Summer Of Shred clip...stay tuned for that one!

I'd also like to thank everyone in the crew for their overwhelming support of my decision to live in the city of Portland, OR. I know that I've loved it for years, but I never thought that so many of my friends would go out of their way to be so envious of my decision to settle in what is quite possibly the greatest city in the northwest. Thanks guys!

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