Trip to Cali

I love the snow, but it was time to get out of of Utah and make my way to California to ride bikes. On the way I stopped by one of my favorite secret spots in Utah to ride, a little metal full pipe. It's not too big, but its kinda long so you can carve back and forth. It works much much better with a bmx bike as well, its just a bit too tight for a mountain bike really. Luckily I just got my new Haro Convert BMX bike rolling. It's the first bmx bike that feels like it kinda fits me, 21.5" top tube and 8.25" tall Premium bars. Anyway I sessioned for a while before getting back on the road, it was a nice break from the long drive through the desert. I'll keep you guys updated as the trip goes on. I'm currently with Phil, Blake, Lutze, AT, and Wilson, and we just got done with a productive few days at woodward (sorry no photos, too busy riding!), and now we are headed into the Haro world headquarters to go over all the new stuff in the works! Next is Aptos for the rest of the week, this place has so many dirt jump spots its ridiculous, I can't wait. By the way all the photos in this update are from my iphone, so quality isn't top notch. The first shot in this update is on the way out of Heber City, where I live, not bad eh? Next two are from the fullpipe, with my bike in there too so you can check it out. The last shot is from a shady casino about 45 minutes away from Woodward... it's Blake, Andrew, and then a local, we were playing blackjack, this place was ridiculous! How sweet is that haircut???


Evelinas blogg said...

very nice piture, the first one!

porter said...

Thanks! That's about 10 minutes from my house driving down the highway on my way to California! That's Mount Timpanogos in the picture.