Mary on Ice

Ever seen a Mary on ice? We haven't so we figured many of you haven't either, so we posted these pictures for everyone to see.

Moe Chamberland, a NEMBA member from Greenville, RI sent us these pictures of him riding his Mary 29er on a frozen lake in the George Washington Management Area in the northwest corner of the state.

When I asked him to give me a little ride report to go along with these images, this is what he had to say:

"There are fire roads and power lines which are left unplowed in the winter for snowmobiling. There are a lot of snow/rain/freeze/thaw cycles here in Southern New England which makes for great studded riding. That day it was 15 deg F and everything was frozen solid, not just the pond! Riding on the ice was quite a blast, there was quite a bit of ice cracking going on but it was safe. Traction was excellent, much easier than walking. It was great because I was able to get to areas that are normally inaccessable. When I'm not ice biking I do a lot of technical single track, there are many great areas to ride nearby."

Moe also gave us some really nice feedback about his Mary:

"I am a life long rider and 16 year mountain biker, I have had many very good bikes, some of them costing much more than the Mary. But the Mary is my favorite bike, ever! It has totally reignited my passion for mtb'ing. Mike's (former Haro product manager) design and Haro's spec and workmanship is just amazing. The ride, comfort and handling is right on the money. I am having more fun than ever. Steel is indeed real! I bought the bike new at The Ski Market in Warwick RI, thanks to Jim and Sarah."

Brrr!!! Looks really cold, Moe...but the pictures are great!

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