Travel tips with Porter

Hey There! Just thought I would give you guys a quick travel tip that will save you a ton of money. This is the best way that I have found to travel with a bike, maybe not the easiest, but by far the cheapest. The initial investment is an Ogio Monster bag, $260 retail, it is designed to protect your golf bag and clubs while flying. This bag will fit bmx bikes super easy, and with a little work it will fit mountain bikes up to about a 16" seat tube. I have flown with my X7 in this bag even. Basically what you have to do is take off the wheels, rotors, tires, pedals, seat, and fork. you position the bike with the headtube at the bottom of the bag, with the fork on one side and the bars on the other. Then you kind of lock the wheels into each other, and put them on top. I would recommend putting some furniture padding in between everything to keep your bike nice. Then I fold up the tires and put them and the seat at the top, and put all the small parts in the side pockets. I can usually fit my half shell helmet and pads in the bag as well. If you are flying Delta, they charge $175 each way to fly with a bike, so with your "Golf Clubs", it's free. This adds up to a savings of $90 dollars on your first round trip flight alone. Enjoy your travels!!


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