Phil + Adiridas

It's official! Phil Sundbaum is a member of the Adiridas team, which is the Adidas freeride crew. It's loaded with shredders of every riding style, and Phil will fit in the mix nicely, along with our latest addition to the SOS program, Andrew Taylor.

You probably saw a few pics here on the blog of Phil in his skinsuit, and wondered what was going on. Well, look no further than this blog entry's video sequence. Not only did we get some bobsled action, but Phil threw front brakes and some studded Kenda tires on his Haro Steel Reserve and pinned it down the track!

The trip to Germany and Austria last month was probably the best trip to Europe that we've ever had. We were only there for six days, but Adidas packed it with some really cool stuff, including a campus tour where we got to see their Walk Of Fame and plenty of other fun stuff. Phil also managed to meet up with his Gravity teammate Dave Smutok for a session at the Munich indoor park.

We're headed down to Cali next week for some training at Woodward, and then it's Go Time. After that, Phil is headed to RaysMTB Park for a contest, then straight to Botswana to meet up with some other members of the Adiridas team to do a ten day trip through South Africa. Stay tuned!

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