Another Chile update

So since my last update, we left Valpo, drove 6 hours down to Chillan (pronounced cheeyon) and rode at a bike park for a couple days and did a big epic ride. It was amazing, it is a brand new bike park at the Nevados de Chillan resort, only open 2 months, and it had one of the funnest trails I've ever ridden! It's a super quick lift ride, and then you have multiple trail options, one of which I will be loading a helmet cam of hopefully tomorrow. The trails have everything from fun jumps, drops, amazing berms, and they even water the entire jump trail. On top of all this, we stayed in a 5 star resort and spa right at the base of the mountain! There were hot springs right outside our door to relax in after riding. While we were here we also did this huge epic dh ride where our bikes were shuttled up by horseback, and we rode downhill for about 2 hours down some crazy chutes. At the bottom of the hill we had to cross a nice mountain stream, and since it's summer down here, we ended up going swimming while we were there! There was even a natural rock waterslide we slid down in the middle of the river! Thanks Nico for taking us around and showing us Chillan!
So now we are in La Parva riding their bike park, and it's another world from Chillan. It's dry, dusty, rocky, and gnarly, all above treeline. There's a race here this weekend, I think it's the Chilean National Championships, but I won't be racing. I only have my slopestyle bike which is not even close to enough travel for this track. Anyway it's late and I have to go to sleep, I'll keep the updates coming about my adventures in Chile!


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