Valpo Urban DH race

The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo urban DH race is over now, and it was crazy. I would say it's the craziest dh course I've ever ridden for sure, I will have helmet cam of my entire run up in the next couple days, you will see what I'm talking about then. The thing that made the race crazier for me was that I raced on my new 120mm travel slopestyle bike that is coming out this summer, while everyone else raced on full dh bikes. Specifically there was one section that was super scary, you come ripping down this hill and the road turns right, but we go straight off this ski jump basically into a dirt strip in between houses, and it drops away about 12-15 feet and sends you out 20-30 feet, depending on how fast you go into it, and the landing is pretty flat too. It looks fairly smooth in the helmet cam but trust me it's not, every run was a gamble on that jump, Joe Smith from Kona actually bent his bars and cranks when he landed it one time.... of course he went way down the hill too, who knows how much he dropped. So after the race was over we got mobbed by fans, it was insane, they wanted everything we had!! I ended up only giving away my gloves and number plate, and they went to local riders that shred. One of them, Brian, rides a Haro as well! Apparently he flips, 360s, barspins, and basically shreds, hopefully he will be sending me video to put up on the site. Anyway it was a really cool experience, and I ended up with a decent time all things considered, not sure what place I got though, they don't post up times right after races here! Enjoy the photos!

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HomeBrew said...

pretty amazing you completed the course with an 120 mm slopestyle bike. a 360 some were on the course would have been awesome, but surely that would've destroy your bike.