Frew Farm Jam + Then Some

Our New Zealand trip just seems to get sweeter and sweeter as the days go by. We've had some epic sessions with our great friends down here at some amazing locations, and when we're not riding bikes, chances are that we're sharing a huge bbq or doing something else equally enjoyable (like bungy jumping) with the locals!

The Frew family had a big jam on their farm, and while the first day's weather was a bit wet and windy, we made due with a huge bbq while the jumps dried out. The next morning, all the jumps were dry and there was an awesome session. Both Blake and Phil were throwing down, and we have a few photos here to illustrate.

After the Farm Jam, we headed back to our house in Queenstown to chill out, which was followed today by a morning session at the Gorge Road dirt jumps--where Blake stomped a bunch of 360s on the big set. We shot a ton of video footage for the upcoming Summer Of Shred movie, then packed it up and drove out to the Kawarau bridge to get our bungy on! Here is the clip of Phil's jump:

Phil's Bungy Jump - Kawarau Bridge, NZ from Aaron Lutze on Vimeo.

And a photo from Blake's jump:
We've got about four more days here in New Zealand to wrap up our shooting, and everyone is stoked. We have a great house to stay in, which is within riding distance of most of the dirt spots in town. Our local friends are all fired up for the daily shred sessions, and most importantly the weather is fantastic! Stay tuned, we'll crank out at least one more solid update before we head back to the states..

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