Lots of Haro love in May Mountain Bike mag

Mountain Bike magazine really showed Haro some love in the May issue. Not only is Eric Porter gracing the cover aboard his Steel Reserve 1, but we got some really great coverage on the Beasley 650B bikes as well. Since Haro is one of the few bike manufacturers on the forefront of the 650B movement, the editors of Mountain Bike called on us to give them some info and a bike to test. We sent them a Beasley 1 x 9 which got really high marks from the test editors (page 46). They also ran a piece that's basically an overview about 650B and featured a picture of a Beasley SS (page 44-45). There's also a little sneak peak of our prototype Sonix 650B that will be released later this year (page 48).

Check it out! It's on newsstands now or better yet, pick it up at your local bike shop if they stock magazines.

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