Featured Bike: Beasley SS

What the heck is 650B anyhow? At 27.5”, 650B is a wheel size that measures halfway between a standard 26” wheel and a 29” wheel. The advantages of this “tweener” size is proven 26” wheel frame geometry can be used with this larger wheel size, which gives you big-wheel performance advantages like better stability and improved traction without the big-wheel bike feeling. Think of it as the having the best of both worlds rolled into one phenomenally fun mountain bike.

Our Beasley SS is crafted out of double-butted 4130 cromoly steel. Steel aficionados will tell you that steel rides like no other frame material out there...it's lively, compliant, and makes everyday rides feel pretty darn special. This frame features an eccentric bottom bracket which makes tensioning your chain and removing the rear wheel a snap. Horizontal drop-outs on a singlespeed are just a pain in the butt.

The On-One Mary bars used on the Beasley SS may look a little unconventional, but we encourage you to give them a shot. You'll find these swoopy bars are really easy on your wrists and put your arms and hands in fantastic position to maximize the leverage you'll need when you climb with just one gear. If you decide you want to add a suspension fork down the line, the frame and fork have been suspension corrected based on a 100mm travel fork.

Here are some spec highlights on the Beasley SS:

  • Double-butted 4130 cromoly steel frame with eccentric bottom bracket

  • Custom made 4130 cromoly steel fork; suspension corrected

  • Truvativ Fire-X 1.1 singlespeed cranks

  • Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes

  • Pacenti Neo-Moto 2.3 650B tires

  • On-One Mary bars

  • Ritchey cockpit components

MSRP on the Beasley SS is about $980.

Beasley SS Video...click here!

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