Teva Mounain Games

Phil, Brian and I are in Vail Colorado for the Teva Mtn. games, been having a great time!  The weather has been nice, the courses are fun, and it's good times riding with each other.  Today was the dual stunt race, I qualified 10th place out of 30, went up against Cam Zink first round, I beat him the first race, but when we switched lanes he won by just enough to move on.  

After that was over we went over to the slopestyle couse to practice, got a nice evening session and rode pretty good.  It's a pretty cool course, nothing is too gnarly, so it's fun to ride.  Qualifying and finals are tomorrow, so hopefully we all ride good!  I'll try and get an update after things are over... but no promises till monday because as soon as things wrap up here we're driving right back to Utah!

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