Teva Wrap up

Well things didn't work out as well as we had all hoped, but we did have a good time at least!  On the upside I shot some good helmet cam clips that are going to be used for the TV show about the contest with my VIO helmet cam, I will also post them on here in a few days when the TV production company sends me back my memory card!  I felt like I could have done pretty well in the contest, but had wind problems during qualifying and missed my pedals on a tailwhip.  I was 360ing a ood drop, backflipping another drop, tailwhipping the quarter to dirt, it was a lot of fun!  Phil and Brian were riding really good as well, Phil made it into the finals with spins and whips and superman seatgrabs, among other things.  His finals runs were good too, but I think he may have been just a hair too conservative to make it on the podium, I think he was close though.  

The drive home was beautiful, we got a great sunset driving through the desert of southern Utah.  I think thats the only photos I have for this update actually, I was too busy riding to get slopestyle photos!!  Stay tuned for the video clips though.


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