MBA Shoot

Just finished up a shoot with Mountain Bike Action this weekend for an article on the riding around Park City. I was the local pro to show them some freeride and dirt jump spots, Doug Dalton handled the XC stuff. I also went along on an xc shoot on my new sonix, I do ride a decent amount of xc, suprising to some people!! Anyway the weather was perfect and we got a ton of great shots, it was super fun. Always fun shooting with John Ker as well!!! Oh yeah and when we were shooting the road gap (which I put in a picture of my X7 and the take off) we found out that there was a huge yellowjacket nest under the start of the bridge, we got super locky and didn't get stung, but we had to let them settle down between each run!! After we were done shooting everything, Carol from the Mountain Trails Foundation was nice enough to treat all of us to dinner at Shabu, one of the best restaurants in Park City, as a thankyou for our hard work. Thanks to Jimmy Mac as well for getting this in the mag!

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